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Expert opinions for litigation

In cases being litigated, experts advise the courts or the parties if the parties do not have sufficient expertise or wish to hear the opinion of an outside party on the issue at hand. We are regularly engaged to provide opinions in these types of cases on issues which have to do with valuation in the broadest sense. The client is either the court or one of the parties.

... Compensation of damages

Our services

  • Determination of the purchase price in the case of disputed purchase agreements – in conjunction with guarantees or earn-out clauses if relevant
  • Determination of goodwill related to claims to severance payments
  • Determination of the amount of severance due to departing shareholders
  • Determination of amounts related to the equalisation of accrued gains (Zugewinnausgleich) where spouses share in accrued gains (Zugewinngemeinschaft)
  • Determination of the claim to a forced share (Pflichtteilsanspruch) on the part of disinherited family members
  • Valuation of assets in the case of inheritance disputes

Your benefits

  • Many years of experience preparing reports and opinions in the field
  • Competent and adept presentation of the results of a report to the court