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Client References

Dear Mr. Wollny, thank you very much for your competent, expert support and the evaluation of the clinic investments we acquired years ago. With your excellent work, we have succeeded in finding the errors in a valuation report ordered by the court. Best Regards,

Dr. Hubert-Ralph Schmitt
Thomas Ulsamer
Dr. Schmitt Vermögensverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH

I have sold my business shares to my co-shareholders. As expected, my ideas about the value of the shares were different from those of my co-partners. In particular, questions about corporate planning and company valuation, as the basis of the contractual regulation for determining the purchase price, had to be clarified. WOLLNY WP was recommended to me for this. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Mr. Wollny and his team, especially Mr. Schmidt. Mr. Wollny combines the characteristics of a very experienced firm in matters of company valuation with a commitment, as if the successful implementation was just as important for the WOLLNY WP as it was for me as a client myself. The dedicated examination of the valuation-relevant topics was impressive. The points to be cleared were focused and not finalized until complete clarity was achieved. In doing so, Mr. Wollny uses all his wealth of experience and knows how to examine complex issues down to the smallest detail and to bring the subject areas closer to the readers of his statements in a transparent manner and with accurate conclusions. The guidance provided by Mr. Wollny and his team is characterized by very personal support and a high level of professionalism. Again, a thousand thanks for the support by Mr. Wollny and Mr. Schmidt.

Daniel Boden, Essen

We would like to thank Mr. Wollny and his team for the pleasant cooperation and the necessary perseverance in determining an objectified company value for our group of companies in connection with a tax assessment. The valuation date was several years ago. The result led to a positive result for us. We intend to continue working together in the future.

Jürgen Rannacher, board member of VSTR AG Rodewisch, Rodewisch

Many thanks to Mr. Wollny and his team. We received highly competent and very friendly advice. After a short familiarization with our individual business model, we were always asked the right (sometimes uncomfortable) questions that showed that the "key factors" were quickly understood. From the very beginning, a determined approach by the Wollny team was evident, which in the end led to a positive result for us. We can easily imagine further cooperation in the future if there is a corresponding need.

Albert Weber, Executive Vice President Finance, Management Board of Epigenomics AG, Berlin

In connection with the severance payment for a departing shareholder, it was necessary to evaluate our company. Mr. Wollny and his team worked with us to determine the essential issues of the planning calculation and, as a result, presented a professional valuation report that formed the basis for a good and amicable solution between the shareholders. We thank you very much for the cooperation and can expressly recommend WOLLNY WP on the basis of our experience.

James Francum and Dr. Zuhdi-Eldin Hussein, partner of GxP-CC GmbH, Kaiserslautern

My experience with the advisory company WOLLNY WP GmbH could be summarized as follows: The services of WOLLNY WP are chartered by its personal and individual approach towards the client which encompassing not only the nature, or the business and the owner’s needs, but specially the Market situation in which the business operates. Of special value to us, I considered the wise evaluation of the business, considering the future of the enterprise, pipeline and evaluations considered from several potential scenarios. The services of WOLLNY WP are lead personally by Mr. Christoph Wollny. His personality, approach and communication abilities come on top of the value of the services of the company. In relation to my personal experience, Mr. Wollny was able to defend the evaluation of my enterprise, articulate the reasons for its solidity and stability, even if some of the Key Performance Indicators of my enterprise at that moment were not fulfilling our expectations. For me the company is a five stars advisory service and due diligence company that truly understands the business from inside.

Dr. Francisco Harrison, Gesellschafter der Harrison Clinical Research Deutschland GmbH, München

Dear Mr. Wollny, as part of our anticipated succession regulation, a company valuation had to be created for tax purposes. Due to the size of the company, this task was complicated and extensive. We would like to thank you again for your extremely competent preparation of reports and advice.

A. Rheinländer, partner of the Eickhoff Group, Bochum

Dear Mr. Wollny, in connection with a company acquisition, claims for a purchase price increase were disputed. The WOLLNY WP valuation report commissioned by us and your persuasive statements convinced the court and saved us from great damage. Thank you again for this.

Albert and Paul Sprehe, shareholders of the Sprehe Group, Cloppenburg

As part of the "Results Assurance" project for the Charité Faculty, we were convinced by the excellent professional skills and high-quality standards of your employees. (...) The consulting services are highly competent and of very good quality.

Christian Rilz, Head of Controlling GB at Charité, Berlin

Dear Mr. Wollny, you have (...) valued an enviaM share package for our company. We would like to take this opportunity to express again that we were very satisfied with your work and thank you for the good cooperation on this project.

Eugen Kirchdörfer, Managing Director of Stadtwerke Zwickau Holding GmbH, Zwickau

Dear Mr. Wollny, we would like to thank you and your employees again for the constructive, successful and at all times pleasant cooperation.

Management of SITEC Industrietechnologie GmbH, Chemnitz

The basis of the purchase price determination was an appraisal from WOLLNY WP, which was prepared in advance and formed the foundation of the subsequent sales negotiations. The employees and the management of WOLLNY WP handled both tasks excellently and with great commitment, extensive specialized knowledge and high-level negotiating skills.

Dieter Kroll, Partner of Schwäbische Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH, Schramberg-Waldmössingen

My personal recommendation for other clients: A medium-sized company is never able to successfully sell a company on its own. It would be the greatest mistaken decision at the end of a long successful company management.

Günter Ruß, Managing Director of the Rottluff GmbH grinding wheel factory, Chemnitz

Based on my experience, I can expressly recommend WOLLNY WP GmbH for all tasks in the area of planning, evaluation and M&A consulting.

Christoph Rainer, Managing Director of Locking Systems GmbH Pfaffenhain, Jahnsdorf

The advice on the strategy of selling our shares was productive. We can rate the timing and coordination of all processes (...) as excellent. The specified goals have (...) been implemented in full and beyond our specifications. We would like to thank you and your team very much for the work you have done.

Shareholder of the Aglaia Society for Image Processing and Communication mbH, Berlin

We became familiar with Mr. Wollny and his team in the specialized field of company valuation as a technically competent and very differentiated group of experts. (...) His appearance at an oral hearing in the Court of Arbitration testified to his strong negotiating skills.

Stefan Schmid, managing director of XAVER SCHMID GmbH & Co. KG, Marktoberdorf

Dear Mr. Wollny, you have advised me professionally in every aspect of company valuation. Thank you once again for your support, without which such a quick decision would not have been possible. Thanks again to your team.

Dr. Thomas Helbig, Hamburg

GETT Gerätetechnik GmbH commissioned WOLLNY WP (...) to support the management buy-out of GETT (...). With the help of the WOLLNY WP it was possible to solve difficult questions within a short time and to our complete satisfaction.

Pierre Beer, Partner of GETT Gerätetechnik GmbH, Treuen

A strategic investor's interest concerning an acquisition, opened interesting future prospects for my company. The negotiations that followed were time-consuming and difficult. Thanks to the professional organization, control of the sales process and their negotiating skills, a result could be achieved that would not have been possible without this advice.

Ralph Sonntag, Partner of Edi.Son Energietechnik GmbH, Wustermark

Valuation is 95 % research and analysis. The actual calculations take about 30 seconds on a calculator. It is rigorous. There is no substitute for analysing your company, analysing your target, analysing its place in its industry and analysing that industry’s place in the economy.

Financial Times, 1990