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My experience with the advisory company WOLLNY WP GmbH could be summarized as follows: The services of WOLLNY WP are chartered by its personal and individual approach towards the client which encompassing not only the nature, or the business and the owner’s needs, but specially the Market situation in which the business operates. Of special value to us, I considered the wise evaluation of the business, considering the future of the enterprise, pipeline and evaluations considered from several potential scenarios. The services of WOLLNY WP are lead personally by Mr. Christoph Wollny. His personality, approach and communication abilities come on top of the value of the services of the company. In relation to my personal experience, Mr. Wollny was able to defend the evaluation of my enterprise, articulate the reasons for its solidity and stability, even if some of the Key Performance Indicators of my enterprise at that moment were not fulfilling our expectations. For me the company is a five stars advisory service and due diligence company that truly understands the business from inside.

Dr. Francisco Harrison

  • Valuation of a traffic-safety company for a M&A transaction
  • Valuation of a communication agency with global operations for the sale of shares to partners
  • Assessment of the adequacy of cash compensation benefits pursuant to § 327c (2) lit. 2 AktG for the transfer of shares held by minority shareholder in Pixelpark AG, Berlin, to MMS Germany Holdings GmbH, Düsseldorf, pursuant to § 327a AktG (squeeze out)
  • Determination of the objectified company value for a company in the area of mechanical and systems engineering for inheritance and gift tax purposes
  • Determination of the objectified company value of a metal processing company as a court-mandated expert for the purposes of the expulsion of a partner
  • Determination of the objectified company value of a company manufacturing fire-safety systems for the equalisation of accrued gains
  • Determination of a company value for the purpose of deriving a claim for compensation of damages in relation to a wind farm project
  • Preparation of an integrated budget for a freight forwarding company to serve as the basis for an expansion of business
  • Preparation of a prognosis for continued existence in the area of environmental analytics for insolvency purposes
  • Valuation of a service company in the area of TV production as part of a company sale