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Corporate valuations of businesses

Statutory requirements trigger a need to perform a valuation in certain circumstances, for example:

  • Redemption of shares held by a shareholder in a private limited company
  • Termination of status as a partner within a business partnership
  • Death of a co-shareholder and compensation to the heirs
  • Squeeze outs
  • Merger of publicly traded companies
  • Conclusion of a profit transfer agreement

As the rights of the shareholders are encroached upon, or are subject to change, the shareholders or their successors in interest have a right to compensation. Germany’s Basic Law (Grundgesetz) and corporate laws provide for severance compensation based on market value. This is determined by means of a company valuation. For cases involving severance payments, company value must be computed as objective company value.

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Our services

  • Company valuation taking into account applicable laws and court rulings
  • Analysis and consideration of tax aspects of a severance settlement
  • Determination of the objective company value accompanied by entity-based tax analysis
  • Determination of the enterprise and ownership interest values for all forms of legal entities
  • Preparation of expert opinions for the courts
  • Audits of valuation reports in cases of valuations required by statute

Your benefits

  • Professional handling of complex valuation issues
  • Work performed by valuation professionals with a wealth of experience
  • On-time delivery of opinions – even in cases where deadlines are short
  • Competent negotiations where valuation issues are involved
  • Use of up-to-date valuation know-how
  • In-depth experience with procedural steps and requirements in the case of reports prepared for the courts